Little Seoul

  • 01223 308681
  • The Basement, 108 Regent Street (map of this place)
  • CB2 1DP
  • closed Mon; noon-3pm, 6pm-11pm Tue-Sat; noon-10pm Sun

Korean restaurant on Regent Street.

The entire restaurant is situated in a basement, but at least in the evening the lack of natural light isn't really a downside. The space is broken up with pillars and part-walls, to give a fair bit of privacy to most tables.

On our September 2010 visit the staff were very friendly and helpful, and the food was really rather tasty. We had japchae (stirfried glass noodles with beef; £7.50) photo and ginger pork (£5.90) photo for our main dishes, and mixed namul (small assorted vegetable dishes; £4.90) photo, mixed kimchi (£5.70) photo, and plain rice on the side. Along with a a bottle of soju (Korean booze) photo, the bill came to just under £20/head not including tip.

A note on the menu mentioned that all dishes are "available in a vegetarian alternative".

Accessibility: The entire place is in a basement, down a flight of stairs from the street. No lift as far as we know.

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Last visited by Kake and Juggzy, September 2010.

(Latitude: 52.19947 Longitude: 0.12711)
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