Nandos is half way between a fast food store and a restaurant. Food orders take place at a counter not dissimilar to your average burger joint, but the food is delivered to your table. The food is good value.

The food itself is mostly chicken with a few other options. Vegetarians are catered for, but the choice is very limited. The food is nearly all some sort of grilled chicken, served either as a half chicken, in a pita or as a burger. The main selling point of Nandos is their 'Peri-Peri' sauce. This is added to all the dishes in some form or another. The dishes therefore can all be bought on a scale of medium to very hot, or for those who don't want the spicy option there is an alternative of 'lemon and herb'. The 'heat' rating of the sauces should be respected - 'Very Hot' really is and the average person will struggle with a 'Hot' option. However, if you are the sort of person who has a vindaloo every night and is proud of your failing taste buds, you might be able to find a challenge here. To help you through this rather challenging range of foods there is the option of bottomless soft drinks. You can also spice up your food with the bottled version of the marinade if you decide to be cautious, so don't feel you have to risk going for the more spicy options.

The decor of the restaurant is not particularly impressive other than a quirky area at the back, which seems to be partially made out of an old white stone wall.

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