Railway Station

The railway station is located a little way away from the town centre, at the end of a dead end street (Station Road).

It is served by several bus services which go down Station Road, turn round at the station and go back up the street, then continue in their original direction; this means that buses going in both directions stop at the same group of stops by the station itself. Therefore it is important to check the destination on the front or check with the driver.

Bike parking at the station can be difficult, especially at certain times like early on Friday evenings.

Be careful ( on any mode of transport) around the front of the station area - there will be streams of traffic going in many different directions, causing frequent conflicts.

Direct trains run to London (King's Cross or Liverpool St), King's Lynn, Norwich, Ipswich, Birmingham, and Stansted Airport. During the day, non-stop trains taking about 50 minutes run to and from King's Cross every 30 minutes. These trains are normally eight carriages, consisting of two four-carriage units coupled together (without corridor access between the units).

Two through platforms (1 and 4) continue on from each other, with points allowing trains to leave from each in either direction even while the other is occupied. The South end of the station has two terminating platforms (2 and 3), as does the North end (5 and 6). All of these platforms are long enough to accomodate an eight-carriage train. A new bridge, lifts and platforms 7&8 were constructed c.2010

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