River Farm Smokery

This farm shop specialising in smoked and salted meats and cheeses made on site is a wee bit outside of Cambridge on the way to Newmarket. I went there the other day with a hairy colleague in his fabulously retro car to get a gander of what was on offer. It was fantastic: the shop is in the middle of the farm and stinks to high heavens with smoked ham, bacon, eels, kippers, cheese and assorted other bits and pieces. The ham was lovely (especially with the excellent crusty loaf) and formed the centre of a great lunch at work. I also had some kippers from there and these were also to the same high standard.

Not cheap (but then why should food be cheap?) but not ridiculously priced, this is a nice drive in the country with the deep satisfaction of knowing your hunter-gatherer instincts will be rewarded with fine food to take home and enjoy in good, friendly fashion.

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