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formatted_website_text=' class="external">'
hours_text='9:30am–6pm Mon–Sat; closed Sun'
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hours_text='9:30am–6pm Mon–Fri; 9am–5:30pm Sat; closed Sun'
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opening_hours_text='9:30am–6pm Mon–Sat; closed Sun'
opening_hours_text='9:30am–6pm Mon–Fri; 9am–5:30pm Sat; closed Sun'

Cambridge's oldest vegetarian wholefood shop (opened in 1970). Sells organic fruit and veg (locally grown where possible), fresh bread, organic vegan wines and beers, etc. Also sells meals and snacks to take away.

According to cam.misc, they stock herbs and spices in bulk for you to measure out yourself; not sure if they're happy for you to bring your own containers/bags though.

Arjuna Wholefoods is located towards the west end of Mill Road.

Opening hours taken from the Arjuna website, August 2007.

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