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As the name would suggest the "Arts Picture House" isn't your normal type of cinema. Located above The Regal, it has a few screens. The only one which I've sat in wasn't particularly large either however it was perfectly suitable for the feature. That is of course the reason you go to a cinema like this; to see movies that otherwise would pass you by and would not be available for you to watch.

If you want to spend your money on something new, enlightening and original check the listing as you walk by. Want to see a Hollywood blockbuster they will probably have it too.

They have a good selection of Pix'n'Mix as well as drinks and popcorn so if that's your fancy you won't miss out on that, and pub below makes a great meeting place.

The only real downer is the lack of a student ticket price, however I don't remember finding the price that much different from what I usually pay.

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