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As the name would suggest, the "Arts Picture House" isn't your normal type of cinema. Located above the Regal, it has three screens (the largest with a THX sound system, which makes it the best screen in Cambridge for watching really loud films) and shows a variety of homegrown talent, foreign features, experimental shorts and other films that would otherwise pass you by. If you want to spend your money on something new, enlightening and original, check the listing as you walk by. If that all sounds a bit taxing, they also show a mixture of old favourites and Hollywood blockbusters thrown in for good measure.

There's a cafe bar which serves yummy crepes, and the refreshments counter has a good selection of Pic'n'Mix, drinks, icecream and popcorn, so you won't miss out on your sugar high. Students get a discount on producing university ID card, and for others, the price is no more expensive than your usual multiplex. Become a member and you'll receive discounted tickets, you won't have to pay the online booking fee, and they'll post you the brochures for free.

Apparently the bar has free wifi.

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