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A tentative list follows, which will hopefully be expanded. It is biased towards the north of the city.
A tentative list follows, which will hopefully be expanded.
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There are a large number of mobile food vans in Cambridge, many of which offer tasty food. However, being movable feasts, details of menus, opening hours, and so on vary, and so are challenging to record.

A tentative list follows, which will hopefully be expanded.

  • Two vans visit Market Square each night, and serve burgers, kebabs, chips, and hotdogs, to which cheese, bacon, salad, various sauces, and so on, can be added. Once known as "the death vans" owing to suspicions over food safety and provenance, assertive marketing has led to them being more commonly known, even colloquially, as "the vans of life".
  • Arbury Kebabs is based outside Kingsway Flats, and has a more restricted range of food, including burgers and kebabs, but no bacon, and a small choice of additions. Arbury Kebabs operates as a late night meeting place and focus for the local community.
  • Alconbury Kebabs operates outside The Ship public house in Locale Kings Hedges and offers extremely tasty burgers, kebabs, chips, hotdogs, etc, with a wide variety of condiments. However, its hours are somewhat uncertain.
  • John's Kebabs operates in a lay-by at the end of Greenend Road, adjacent to its junction with Milton Road, opposite The Golden Hind public house.
  • Milton Kebabs operates on the Tesco roundabout in Milton next to World of Computers. It is especially popular with truck drivers from the A14.

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