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Here's how to use OpenStreetMap to find the latitude and longitude of a place:
* <i>Either</i> go to and put the postcode of the place into the search box, <i>or</i>, if you don't know the postcode, go to [ a map centred on Cambridge].
* Scroll (by clicking and dragging on the map) and zoom (by clicking on the + and - buttons in the top left hand corner of the map) until the map is centred on the location of the place you're interested in.
* Click the "View" tab at the top of the page to update the URL.
* If you want to be certain that your map is centred where you think it's centred, change "lat" to "mlat" and "lon" to "mlon" in the URL, and a marker/pointer will appear.
* Copy the lat and lon from the URL there's no need to copy more than five decimal places.

(If that all sounds too complicated, don't worry; just add your page and include a description of where it is, e.g. "on Regent Street between Gonville Place and Park Terrace", or you can add more detail, e.g. "about a third of the way up from the Gonville Place junction", and someone else will add the geodata later. If even <i>that</i> sounds too complicated then just add the page anyway!)

The geographical data (latitude and longitude) for pages in this category was supplied by the OpenStreetMap project under a Creative Commons licence.

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