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* [ eGullet thread] (with input from Tim Hayward, one of the new owners)
* [ eGullet thread] (with input from Tim Hayward, one of th new owners)
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* [ Karohemd's review] (dinner)

Bakery on Trumpington Street, famous for its Chelsea buns which are small, dense, and incredibly sticky and packed with flavour — so good they are exported to 7 continents (yes, including Antarctica). Best chocolate cake in Cambridge, plus they do rather wonderful wedding cakes. There's a cafe/restaurant attached, and they do savoury food too. Selection of cakes in the window is always tempting, and they made wonderful froggy buns for a friend's wedding.

It closed for nearly a year after a devastating fire in 1998. It closed again in February 2011, but reopened in August the same year.

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