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Another pub which was smoke free before the ban, The Free Press also bans mobile phones, and has a policy of having neither fruit machines nor piped music.

Good home cooked food, including excellent puddings, is served noon-2pm and 6pm-9pm Mon-Fri; noon-2:30pm and 6pm-9pm Sat; and noon-2:30pm Sun (no food Sunday evenings).

They have an enclosed garden at the rear, a covered heated area at the side, and heated seating at the front. According to cam.misc, smoking is not allowed in the back garden since the smoke blows into the pub.

Beer from Greene King is well kept, and they usually have the Mild on which is one of my favourites. See how many people you can fit in the snug.

Oct 2010: Full on a Saturday night, not with old men, but earnest post graduate students, some of them eating the Ubiquitous Cambridge Sausage. Beer good. Pub small. Garden, wet and empty.

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Opening hours taken from sign outside, September 2007, and confirmed on the Free Press website. Food times taken from the Free Press website, September 2007.

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