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The Mitre is pretty much what you would expect of your average pub. The styling is fairly fresh and traditional, but don't expect the atmosphere of heavy wooden beams and plastered walls. This makes the pub feel more open and less oppressive than pubs of a similar age can be but without having too much of a brand feel.

The food is a traditional pub menu with a reasonable selection of both type and price. The portions are of a good size meaning that your average person is likely to feel they've had a good meal but it might leave the more enthusiastic eater wanting more.

The beer selection is generally very good, with at least 4 guest ales on at most times.

Generally the Mitre has been excellent on food and service, and a group of us have been going there most Fridays for lunch. However, on 3rd October they really let us down badly. Having placed orders around 12:05, food took 40-60 minutes to arrive (in dribs and drabs) and the carrots were either warm but rock hard, or boiled to death. We don't know what failed, but the Mitre was considerably more busy than usual, and we're wondering if the influx was parents delivering children at the start of term and taking them out to lunch. However, the inability to cope with more trade, and the mode of failure (not simply late, but poorer quality food, and wide spread of delivery times) means that we're unlikely now to return in the near future.

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