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A little shop along Regent Street on the way back into town from the South. They have a clearly displayed board with a list of fillings and options available, or will make any other realisitic combination you ask for. The bread is a lot better than the sandwiches sold within the Chemistry Department (my usual supplier), however they are a little more expensive - just over two pounds if memory serves me correctly. If you fancy something other than a sandwich I've seen many a person walk out with flapjack variants or even a jacket potato though I have not investigated either of these options.

If you are looking for a drink they also have a reasonable selection of cans and do the usual line of hot drinks. One of the more interesting things they do however is warm soup of the day. No doubt popular in winter.

Despite the small size it is well staffed and the queue is never that long. The staff are also pleasant, yet not particularly vocal.

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