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Pub in [[Locale Newnham|Newnham]], on the corner of Barton Road and Hardwick Street.
Real ale/real cider pub.
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It used to have a car park, and a covered drinking patio <small>([ photo])</small>, but an anonymous visitor in March 2008 removed this information without explaining why, so we don't know what's going on there. There was a change of management some time around the end of 2007.

The same anonymous visitor tells us that they still do real ale, as well as "fine wines" and Italian food, with a two-for-one offer on all pizzas eaten in on Mondays, and a 20% discount for students with an NUS card on Wednesdays. Also that "reservations are taken" and "groups welcomed" - presumably meaning you can reserve tables; don't know if they have a function room. Not sure if they still do real cider - they were in the [[Category Good Cider Guide 2005|2005 Good Cider Guide]], but that was a while ago.

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* [ Feature in Cambridge CAMRA newsletter] (scroll down)
* [ Local Secrets review]
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* [ Pocket Pubs entry]

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category='Beer Garden,Good Cider Guide 2005,Italian Food,OpenStreetMap GeoData,Pizza,Pub Food,Pubs,Real Ale,Real Cider'
category='Good Cider Guide 2005,OpenStreetMap GeoData,Pub Food,Pubs,Real Ale,Real Cider'
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summary='' summary='Pub in Newnham.'
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Real ale/real cider pub.

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