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The Regal is a Wetherspoon's pub and hence like most of the chain lacks anything to really make it anything different to its siblings. In Cambridge however it provides a nice sense of normality and is not frequented too heavily by the students despite the lower prices than many of the pubs around. However this does mean the local youth population just fills this gap.

The pub itself is very large, on several levels, in the foyer that once was part of the Arts Picture House above, and as such you are unlikely to be squeezed in. There's also a small beer garden out to the back. The food is cheap (especially so with the 2-for-1 offers) and of reasonable quality. For a price similar to a burger joint meal deal you can get yourself a pint and a main course dish.

Like all Wetherspoon's it does a great job in supporting real ales, something which I can't discourage and on occasion holds small beer festivals which is a refreshing change. It also has a good selection of cider. Usually best to visit in the early evening as it can get crowded and rowdy later on.

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