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(The information about Sino Tap has been left here for people who want to know what the old pub was like, but Sino Tap isn't there any more - it's now The Punter.)

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Note: the review below was written in December 2005; the local CAMRA newsletter for March/April 2007 says that the publicans have now moved to the Zebra, so things may have changed at the Sino Tap. Anyone been here since the change and can offer a more up-to-date review?

Sino Tap advertises itself as a Chinese restaurant and pub, selling both good food and real ale. Calling it a restaurant is probably slightly misleading but not unreasonable; especially if you consider the number of foreign tourists. It is simply a pub that serves food from a Chinese menu and has a Chinese chef. The chef is actually quite a good laugh and will try to serve you at the bar from time to time but has absolutely no understanding of English leading to much hilarity before you either get the right drink or either of the two publicans takes over from him.

The landlords are a good couple, both willing to chat with you at the bar and have a good laugh. They also seem very willing to put anything on a tab without any type of card behind the bar or even checking if you are going to pay. The mixed nationality of the pub gives it an interesting feel but is also still incredibly British on the inside. As for the quality of food I have yet to eat there.

If you want a quiet night in a pub then you can't guarantee that here, but if you want something lively and a good atmosphere this is probably one of the better pubs in Cambridge.

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