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The ceiling is always worth a look:
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Another of the pubs making up the King Street run. Sometimes thought of as an old man's pub. One of (if not the) smallest pubs in Cambridge, it serves a well chosen variety of beers including some from the Milton brewery just to the north of Cambridge. It has some association with the sports clubs from Jesus College (one street over), and the Hash House Harriers appear to turn up here at the start and end of runs on Monday. Specialist cocktails appear for most of the rest of the week, with early Friday evening being devoted to the Vera Lynn Gin & Tonic event. Argubly a local in terms of its reasonably close-knit community, but welcoming to outsiders. Providing they don't have irritating mobile phone ring tones.

I'd visited the Radegund on visits to Cambridge before, I think. It's all a bit hazy, as such things tend to be, but who can resist a pub that appears to be named after the third wizard in Lord of the Rings? Also, while I'm on that topic, how come Tolkein worked at Oxford, yet those who are naturally the children of his ideology tend to be in Cambridge? There's food for thought.

It's very tiny and very brown, as befits its name, and the bar staff pour pints for you automatically, which is not always the case if you are a woman. The pints are fine, and there's almost always a bizarre experience to be had. Just this week the rather lanky barman asked me what I thought of his miniature apron (not as small as he thought, or appositely, plenty large enough) while scratchy 1930's big band jazz played in the background, interrupted by ads; a spotify stream. They do not object to blackberrys, and there are hooks by the bar where you can hang your bag, which is always the sign of a good pub in my view.

Food: you can't get food in the Radgund bar your normal fourth food group of fat and crunchy bits, not even the ubiquitous Cambridge Sausage. This means it is frequented by people who are serious about their beer. This is another good thing.

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