New name and new owners for what was the Raj Malabar. Different menu, different decor, but still very good.

Compared to when we ate there when it was Raj Malabar, the menu has more of the "ordinary British curries", and slightly fewer South Indian dishes (missing the beef dishes and the lamb fry, for example), although the ordinaries may have a somewhat southern slant. I think the Malabar had introduced some ordinary curries to their menu - given the unadventurousness of much of the British public, I suppose this is the only way to keep afloat.

I can recommend the Kerala Seafood Soup, which was truly excellent. We also had the Lamb Stew, which was very good. It was rather different from the dish of the same name from the Raj Malabar; the Malabar's Stew had a gravy, whereas the Cocum Stew has a cocunut sauce, so a different experience, but delicious nonetheless. For the sake of sampling one of the more ordinary dishes, we tried the Chana Masala. This was given a South Indian slant by the addition of mustard seeds, but had too much tomato for our tastes. The Beans Thoran on the other hand was typical South Indian and lived up to expectations.

All in all, an enjoyable meal out.

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