House Style

Please keep to the conventions below so that the guide indexes nicely and it's easy for people to find things.

First off, creating pages. You should read Scope of the guide to find out whether the page is appropriate for this guide.

Naming pages: "The" should be left off the beginning of names. If you want to link to a place starting with "The", make the link [ [ Whatsit | The Whatsit ] ]. If a thing has multiple branches, the correct format is "Acme, Silver Street".


  • Category names should be plural; Restaurants, not "Restaurant".
  • Important categories are: Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Cinemas, Cambridge University Colleges, Shops.


  • Important streets get their own locales, with the category of "Streets".


  • Cambridge is implied, so should be left out.

Phone numbers

  • 01223 is implied, so should be left out.


  • Saint is abbreviated to St. with a full stop after it. This is to aid cross referencing between entries.


  • Bear in mind that this is the Open Guide to Cambridge, not the Open Guide to Cambridge University. Entries about either university are obviously very relevant and welcome, but please make sure that you make it clear what you are referring to. Likewise it is fine to add material that is primarily of interest to members of one of the universities, so long as it is explicitly marked as such (or obvious from context).
  • The appropriate category for departments is "Cambridge University Departments" and for colleges is "Cambridge University Colleges".


  • Inline images are permitted by the configuration; however, please do not include anything other than small icons except where absolutely necessary; it helps keep the page load size down and removes distractions from the content. By all means include links to photos, or see Photo Policy for a more integrated way of submitting photos to the guide.


  • We seem to have settled on a link to the appropriate OpenStreetMap link at a zoom level of 15. At some point map links will be generated automagically, but this doesn't happen yet.

Writing style

Whereever possible, additions to entries should be integrated into the existing text, rather than added as a comment. Exceptions would be if there is an obviously differing opinion, in which case you should also add your name to your comment.


This text was originally copied from the Oxford Guide.

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