Photo Policy

We like photos. Photos are good. Photos make the guide look more interesting!

The edit form gives space to add one main photo per page — this photo will be placed in a standard position on the page, and so should be small (300px by 240px at most). For a category page, a stock photo is fine (see for example Category Japanese Food). For a page about a pub, restaurant, etc, a photo of the outside of the building is most appropriate; see for example Green Man).

There are four fields to fill in on the edit form:

  • URL of image. e.g. — this image, at this size, will show up on the page. There is no provision for resizing, so do that first.
  • Name of image copyright holder.
  • URL of image licence. If you don't know what licence an image is available under, you probably shouldn't be using the image.
  • URL of image's info page. This will be the "clickthrough" — when people click on the image, they will be sent to this page. It can just be a larger version of the same image, if that seems most appropriate.

(See also Using Photos From Flickr for more specific guidelines regarding photos on

As with everything else, all photos used on the guide should be available for use under the terms of the Licensing Policy.

It's fine, of course, to link to e.g. photo galleries that aren't available under an appropriate licence — it's just not OK to include them inline on a page.

If you're not sure about something, or if you have some photos that you'd like to use but have nowhere to host them, then please email the guide admins (

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