Category OpenStreetMap Geodata

The geographical data (latitude and longitude) for pages in this category was supplied by the OpenStreetMap project under a Creative Commons licence.

Here's how to use OpenStreetMap to find the latitude and longitude of a place:

  • Either go to and put the postcode of the place into the search box, or, if you don't know the postcode, go to a map centred on Cambridge.
  • Scroll (by clicking and dragging on the map) and zoom (by clicking on the + and - buttons in the top left hand corner of the map) until the map is centred on the location of the place you're interested in.
  • Click the "View" tab at the top of the page to update the URL.
  • If you want to be certain that your map is centred where you think it's centred, change "lat" to "mlat" and "lon" to "mlon" in the URL, and a marker/pointer will appear.
  • Copy the lat and lon from the URL — there's no need to copy more than five decimal places.

(If that all sounds too complicated, don't worry; just add your page and include a description of where it is, e.g. "on Regent Street between Gonville Place and Park Terrace", or you can add more detail, e.g. "about a third of the way up from the Gonville Place junction", and someone else will add the geodata later. If even that sounds too complicated then just add the page anyway!)

Auto-generated list of pages using OpenStreetMap data (view them on a map):

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